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Washing machine repair, dishwasher repair, cooker repair, tumble dryer repair, fridge repair, freezer repair, help and technical advice.

Free fault assessment by email.

Fix it or scrap it?.

A free professional assessment presents a more accurate diagnosis of what the problems are and could well benefit you by saving on the cost of a new appliance.

It is often found that the cause of the fault was nowhere near as serious as the customer thought.

Other benefits are:

  • No expensive inspection/callout charges to pay.
  • Fast and reliable service.
  • No risk of rogue traders calling on you.
  • Good honest professional advice.
  • Nothing to loose and everything to gain.
  • You get to deal with a hugely experienced service engineer.
  • You know the fate of your appliance in a much quicker time.

A distinct advantage to seeking technical advice from me is my ability to quickly come up with the possible causes for your domestic appliance fault.

What has become apparent with this service, is that very often the fault enquiries are so simple to fix that the customers fixed them themselves and saved a fortune.

Special benefit

A special benefit to you is that I am not all about making money.

Yes, I need money to survive but I am more about helping people with their domestic appliance problems.

Don't loose out

On many ocassion a perfectly good washing machine is thrown out because someone wrongly decided it was no good.

Before you go on the trail of a new washing machine, make absolutely sure your old washing machine is beyond economical repair.

Get the advice of a professional service engineer

Fault finding at its best!